Various Reasons for Hair Loss

In addition to hereditary hair loss, there are many other, different causes and causes for hair loss. There are also different reasons for men and women. Hair loss often occurs in women after pregnancies, after birth as well as after breastfeeding of children hair loss. These are hormonal hair loss or stress-related hair loss.

Even after chemotherapy or during menopause, it comes to severe hair loss. In general, the wrong diet can lead to causes (iron deficiency, vitamin deficiencies, etc) of hair loss, as well as the use of an unsuitable shampoo that causes a dry scalp or problems with dandruff.

Do You Suffer From Hair Loss?

Hair loss is not necessarily an age-specific problem, it can have various causes and thus overtake anyone. To some extent, hair loss is quite natural, as the hair undergoes different phases of growth and then fail. Of morbid hair loss, also known in the jargon as alopecia, one speaks only from a hair loss of over 100 hairs daily. The most common forms of hair loss are hereditary hair loss, circular hair loss and diffuse hair loss.

Hereditary Hair Loss

The hereditary / genetic hair loss is called in the jargon androgenetic alopecia. He is the most common variant of hair loss and usually occurs from the age of 20 on. Hereditary hair loss causes so-called receding hairline and the hair is getting thinner and shorter. Androgenetic hair loss usually affects men and, in rare cases, women.

Circular Hair Loss

Circular hair loss, medically alopecia areata called, the causes are not known exactly. The hair falls out in a circular area. Circular hair loss is often associated with weaknesses of the immune system and can occur in individuals of all ages. The whiskers can also be affected.

Diffuse Hair Loss

When diffuse hair loss occur no single bald spots or balding on, the hair falls everywhere evenly from the head. Therefore, the density of the hair decreases, which causes the scalp to shimmer through the main hair. In contrast to the other variants of hair loss, diffuse hair loss affects women more often than men.

Causes of Hair Loss

In addition to the appearance of hair loss, the causes can vary greatly from each other. The most common causes of hair loss are chronic diseases, hereditary predisposition, nutritional disorders, skin diseases, thyroid dysfunction, poisoning and zinc or iron deficiency.

Beard Transplantation

Beard growth begins at puberty and continues to increase over the years. The strength of the hair is controlled by the male hormone. Due to the increasing male hormone, the


Hair Transplantation

Technique of hair transplantation The times in which we had to put up with hair loss are long gone. The technique of hair transplantation has evolved over the last few